Here is a list of some common mistakes of air conditioner maintenance, avoid these to save your time and money.

Incorrect thermostat settings:
If you want to make your home cool immediately after returning from your office, then set the thermostat at the required level first. It is not possible for the ac to perform properly and make the home cool if the thermostat is continuously running. Ac cannot work faster in that condition. Keep the thermostat as high as you are comfortable and if it is lesser or higher than the expected degree, then it will consume more energy. Every degree changes almost 7% in the ac’s consumption. Do the necessary changes to save your monthly bill. If you are still not clear about setting thermostat clearly, you can consult with a technician of your chosen aircon service.

Not changing the air filter:
Air filter is an easy task to change and you can do it without calling the professional of aircon chemical wash in Singapore and service. If you are not changing the air filter regularly, then you will definitely face the expensive repair in near future.

Here are some situations to set a period of changing the air filter:
• If your ac runs at least 6 months in a year or you use it during the whole year.
• If you have pet then, their dander can block the air flow passage or the ventilation system.
• A large family means more dirt and dust.
• If there is anybody who smokes, it will cause problem.
• Is there is any constructional site near your house?

Running your ac 24*7:
People need comfort all the time but it is not good to run your ac throughout the week. This is an awful mistake. If the weather is cool, then stop running your ac, it will save your money. Running it all the time will make the efficiency lower and it will not last for long time. Choose the time when it is not important to run your ac and save the environment.

Not running your ac at all:
Not running your ac at all can damage the unit permanently. Not running can also lower the efficiency or internal parts.

Routine maintenance:
If you do not maintain your ac properly, it will certainly damage within a few days. There are various reasons to maintain your ac to avoid huge expensive repair. Duct sealing is important to get the better air flow. You should know the safety controls from the professional.