Packing can be an exhausting affair. All of us have so many items that we have collected over the years. We can become terribly attached to sentimental items and as a result, our houses are filled to the brim with small keepsakes, tonnes of books and old clothing. You need to go through everything you own and separate all the items into what you want to keep and what is to be thrown away. It can be an impossible task to move everything in the house and it can cost a large amount of money as well. You can have a yard sale or sell some items online to get rid of the clutter. 

The next order of business is finding packing material. It is better to buy extra because we are always in the habit of underestimating how many things we own. Corrugated boxes are a good way of packing. It should be noted that black bags are poor substitutes for packing given that they don’t have any cushioning material and that they cannot be secured properly. A packing company can assist you in providing secure packaging to suit your needs. You can use bubble wrap to protect fragile items like glassware. Other ways to cushion your items are old towels and blankets, newspapers and polystyrene chips.

You need to make an inventory of everything you’re packing. Number the boxes and note down the contents of each box in a writing pad. You can also use coloured tape to identify the boxes belonging to each room. This will make for an efficient domestic movers in Qatar and unpacking. Boxes carrying fragile items should be marked so on each side of the box. You also have to take into account how you will be able to carry these boxes. It is better to put heavy items in smaller boxes. Don’t pile a lot of heavy items into a box overestimating the strength of the packing material.

Prepare a box with things you need for the first day at your new home. This will include toiletries, some clothing and food items. The order with which you pack the moving vehicle decides which items will be unpacked first. Therefore, load the bed, bed linens and toiletries first so that you can have some rest during the first day. You need to pack smartly as well. For example, it’s basic knowledge not to put fragile items under a heavy box. Keep them in a secure area in the moving vehicle where they are not in danger of being crushed or falling over. Your furniture has to be covered with moving blankets or moving pads to minimise damage. Heavier boxes should be stacked at the bottom with lighter boxes on top. The boxes should be sealed and tied to ensure that they stay stable during the transport.