Acne is one of the most common skin conditions most people suffer from as it can be painful and embarrassing sometimes. The scars that it leaves behind are also unpleasant reminders of the skin problems we face. Although most acne scars fade away on its own after a few months, there are ways in which the process can be made faster and avoid any hyper-pigmentation further. As each skin type is different, it is up to you to find out the right remedies and tips suitable for your individual skin. Here are a few guidelines:

Natural remedies – Lemon juice

Applying freshly squeezed lemon juice is helpful for acne scar removal Singapore as it effectively lightens the scars caused by acne because of its natural skin bleaching properties. Combine equal parts of the lemon juice and water and apply directly on to the scars avoiding the rest of the skin. Make sure to wash it off after 15 to 20 minutes or you can leave it overnight as a mask. Regardless, don’t forget to wash it off and moisturize immediately afterwards as the citric acid in lemon can easily dry your skin. It is also important to remove any citric traces from your skin before going out in to the sun.

Baking soda

Exfoliating with baking soda can also help improve your skin scars and minimize the appearance of scars. What you need to do is simply mix one teaspoon of baking soda with about two spoons of water to get a paste. Any hyper pigmentation removal Singapore can be reduced using this method too to reduce further occurrence of acne. Apply this on your entire face using gentle circular movements and wash it off with luke warm water and pat dry the skin.


Honey has natural antibacterial properties that helps reduce inflammation and soothe the skin. It clears out pimples and reduces any red marks that are usually left behind from pimples. Raw honey or manuka honey are the most effective and can be dabbed directly on to the affected area. This is great for sensitive skin as honey is a non-irritating substance and will help moisturize the skin naturally unlike other treatments that dry out the skin.

Aloe vera

The sap of the aloe vera plant is another natural soothing substance that not only helps reduce acne scars but also relives many other ailments such as wounds and burns. Aloe helps rejuvenate the skin and moisturize so you can even leave it on the skin after applying without washing it off. Adding some drops of tea tree oil will give the added benefit of clearing up skin for more intense scars.