Are you a fan of sharp jawlines? If you are, and if you are looking for ways to make your own face angular, then here are a few of our suggestions for you.

 Cosmetic surgeries; for worse case scenarios

 “Going under the knife” or opting for cosmetic surgeries is more common now-a-days than it ever was. Thanks to social media, and high definition cameras we tend to have many unrealistic expectations of ourselves particularly in regards to our body shape. If your desire to have a differently shaped jaw is more than simply looking better, or if it is seriously affecting your self-esteem, then perhaps this is the right option for you. Jaw reduction surgeries are fairly successful. Do take the precaution of doing a thorough research on your surgeon; and take your time making the decision to opt for this. It is better to think it through; than to regret it later on in life. If possible, opt for a professional that is recommended through a trusted friend or family member. This way, you at least have the confidence of them doing a good job on your surgery.   

 Anything can be achieved through exercising

 Well, almost anything…! Jokes apart, exercising is a great way to make sure you achieve that face shape or body goals that you have always wanted. Personally, we are not very big fans of crash diets; simply because we feel the results don’t last that long. There’s also the risk that doing crash diets without the proper knowledge can seriously damage your immune system and harm your health in general. Instead, we suggest exercising. You might have already heard that spot reducing of fat is not possible; so you need to make sure you lose weight in general. And while it may not help reduce fine lines and make you look as youthful as opting for a skin booster, face yoga that helps you sculpt the shape of your face too can help a great deal in achieving that look you want.

 When everything fails; makeup for the win…!

 Never underestimate the power of makeup. This is especially true when it comes to face sculpting. The proper foundation, tools and contouring techniques can pay off much more than you think. If you are not very familiar with the “tricks of the trade” then we suggest you “study up” a little using a few tutorial videos easily found on online video sharing platforms. Ask a trusted friend for their honest opinion as to how well you are doing; so you know if you’re making progress. Meanwhile, as you perfect your makeup techniques, it’s still a great idea to continue exercising and eating healthy, as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain through it…!