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Being one of the luxurious yet quite affordable options to spend holidays, liveaboard vacations have been praised by many. If you ever wanted to go to the sea and spend a few days in it, engaging in fun and memorable activities, it is truly a great way to enjoy your holidays. But given that it is truly a huge industry, you might want to know about the factors that you need to take into account in booking one for the best experience.

Here are 7 such factors that you need to consider when booking a liveaboard.

  • The overall cost

There’s no doubt that a yacht in the sea for a couple of days costs a certain amount of money; and it’s worth it. What matters are the rest of the criteria affiliated with it. For an example, the diving, mini boat riding, the food, the liquor and so on affects the overall price so you have to carefully choose this.

  • Where are you going to go?

There are many liveaboard destinations that are extremely popular and never ever overcrowded. This is quite the case when it comes to luxury liveaboards Indonesia. Given that the entire are is enriched with fascinating marine life, it is one amazing location to go. You need to consider the things that are exclusive at these places before you select, always.

  • Facilities of the boat

We’re talking about the comfort from the bed, to the bathroom and everything in between including safety, Wi-Fi, sundecks and convenience. Given that you’ll be living in the boat more or less, you can’t afford to be at unease and neither should you.

  • Availability of on-board diving guidance

If you’re willing to enjoy the underwater, you should know how to enjoy it in the best way. The most effective way to get it done is taking a rapid on-board diving course. Availability of this option in a board makes everything easier.

  • Special things to witness

A typical komodo island liveaboard diving would promise you the sight of the world renowned, Komodo dragon several other acclaimed marine lives. Like that, you need take the special things in to account when choosing.

  • Diving facilities

These facilities include the number of the licensed and experienced staff, the safety equipment and the good guidance underwater. Given that diving is significant in a typical liveaboard session, it is necessary that these facilities are at a good condition.

  • Attitude of the crew

You can’t expect to enjoy your holidays in a boat full of passively aggressive people. You also can’t have a good time if the boat crew isn’t helpful enough. Hence, in selecting a liveaboard, it is vital that you consider the attitude of the crew always.

If you are to have a good time at the ocean in a liveaboard, there are additional things to consider too. But the bottom-line is that, as long as the above 7 factors are secured, it’s almost good to go. That way, you can have the best time ever.