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Majority of the kids wear that come in popular brands are so overpriced that we often contemplate of weather to buy or not since they outgrow clothing faster than you know it. However, honestly kids clothing are so adorable, delicate and dainty that you just can’t help it than make the purchase. Clothes keep piling up and then come the trouble of storing due to all of the clothes that they simply outgrew of. Nevertheless many parents have now come up with the ingenious idea of upcycling or transforming their adults’ clothes into kids wear that cost literarily fraction of the cost purchasing anything new, which is soon to be outgrown in days. Here are few examples that you can incorporate to make a new wardrobe for your little prince and princess.

Easy baby fancy pants

First and foremost, pick out the desired clothing item and pattern that you need to use and use it against the garment to see if there is sufficient fabric to work on. Be mindful in selecting the correct type of fabric to the correct type of garment. For instance an adult polo shirt that doesn’t stretch can be made into a boy shirt and not into a legging which is of course the wrong kind of fabric for a legging.

A basic adult t-shirt can be transformed into a cute pair of leggings similar to what you would see at any chemise garçon in France. Once you have got the hang out making baby leggings, you would never look at old t-shirts the same way again.

Easy no sew tulle skirt
This easy to do project will not only give you one adult sized tutu but two kids size tutu skirts that are all the more cuter. You are required of approximately 6 yards of tulle fabric, 2 yards of satin ribbon and fabric scissors. If the skirt is for your baby girl, you need to tie around the satin ribbon across their waist and tie a bow to get the exact measurement. Mark where the ribbon is ought to be and wear it on yourself as you begin the work. Cut 6 inch strips of tulle fabric and fasten it in form of a loop across the entire satin ribbon as much as it is filled. Retie your tutu on your child’s waist, retie the bow and enjoy her ballerina look. This can be applied for the creation of adult tutus that are just as simple and adorable as a kid’s one.