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A child is a gift to the world; it is our job to ensure that gift develops into the best version of itself to bring blessings and positive change to mankind. How do we go about this? Is it through rigorous processes of teaching and training, where children are made to follow strict rules? Or is it by letting them get up to whatever they want, and leaving them to their own devices to grow as they please? Or is it a method where you provide a controlled yet flexible environment where the child can come to their own and allow them to blossom as individuals?
The final alternative would be best in terms of nurturing your child to be the best they can be, without them feeling the crushing pressure of it all.
A child’s environment greatly influences their development even later on into their adult lives. Whether it is at home or at their preschool, the environment around the child will determine, to an extent, their level of progress. Finding the right environment for your child to develop in will allow him to develop at a pleasant pace with no pressure.
Finding the right schoolFinding the right education institution is crucial for your child’s development. Most places for young children start at the playgroup at Balmoral Road and continue all the way up to kindergarten. Larger school provide a system where your child can even complete education all the way up to high school.
Finding what works best for your child means doing your research. How reputed is the institute? How experienced are the teachers in terms of handling children with care, patience, and diligence? Is the process too rigorous? Is the process not enough? Find out information about several different places and visit them, if you must, to get an idea about the environment your child will be subject to.
Environment at homeAs important as the right school is the right home environment. A growing child needs attention, love, affection, and security. From the moment a child arrives at your home, the home itself as well as its occupants must be accommodating of the new family member and adapt themselves. Loud arguments and general unpleasantness will not benefit your child, and in fact will be detrimental to his development.
Additionally, good nutrition, enough sleep, and a nurturing environment that is always positive and encouraging will motivate the child to do better and be more of him or herself. It is important to allow the child to develop their own individual self and not be subjected to a cookie-cutter process.