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The current corporate context is a highly competitive one with very little or at times no margin for error and misconduct. Therefore, an organization must do everything under its power to bring order to the hectic workplace to keep the spirits of the employees, and thereby the performance of the company, high. To obtain the highest level of performance from a workforce, an employer must make them feel safe and secure from the moment they walk in through the company gates till when they leave after work. This however is much easier said than done because improving the security of a workplace is a complex process which requires a lot of time, money and effort. Discussed in this article are some basic steps that can be implemented to make your workplace a secure one.

Identity badges

This is one of the most basic, but highly effective methods of monitoring everyone who works within the organizational walls while also keeping track of any visitors who may enter the premises. The identity badge should mainly include the full name of the employee along with a clear picture of them. Certain major organizations issue identity badges (access badges) equipped with barcodes, magnetic strips or smart cards which can be used to access certain areas of the office, use various equipment or to open an electronic lock safe. Wearing these must be mandated for all employees of an organization, regardless of their position. If you are interested about digital deposit safe box you can visit this website http://www.filedex.com.sg/index.php?page=category&category_id=2.

Keep passwords private

The purpose of a password is to limit the number of individuals who can access a certain organizational component. The password of your office computer must be known only to you and if you share it with another party because of an organizational requirement, get it changed again as soon as you can in order to prevent your privileges from being misused. More confidential passwords that grant access to a company database or a fireproof safe box in Singapore which stores important documents to the firm must not be disclosed to anyone but the concerned parties, and if such a password falls into the wrong hands, it will result in major financial losses to the firm.

Report if you witness anything unusual

Inform the security personnel of the organization if you notice anything suspicious in the workplace. This could be anything from disappearance of some equipment to the intrusion into the workplace by a stranger, and you must not hesitate to report the security who will then do what they can to remedy the situation.

A well-lighted and monitored outdoor office environment

The exterior of the office is targeted by most burglars because during the working hours, multiple vehicles are parked in the car park and this gives them the perfect opportunity to do what they do. Equip the parking area with CCTV cameras to constantly monitor the activities that happen around the vehicles. Burglars will be deterred from even trespassing into the vicinity when they see surveillance cameras mounted at every corner of the office.

Much like a home, keep the outdoor space of the office well-lighted during the night time. Burglars are unlikely to risk trespassing into a well-lighted property because they feel exposed. Make an extra investment to acquire infrared motion detecting lighting system which will be activated when any trespasser movements are detected.