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Whether you are planning a big dinner party or simply deciding on what desserts to include at an important event, you will need to select items that will suit the menu – and items that the attendees would enjoy. Selecting the right dessert is not difficult – in fact you can look at it as something you would enjoy picking out. Of course, you will have to take the event and occasion into consideration and select something that would flow with it.

Plan According To the Occasion
Are you celebrating a birthday? Or maybe you are marking a milestone with an anniversary or a graduation. Your plans will go much smoothly if you select something that fits the occasion. If you are planning a fancy dinner party try to pick something suits the menu that has been planned out. Simple desserts such as chocolate cake or cheesecake can go a long way – as these are simple options that are usually enjoyed by everyone.

Consider The Guests
If you are planning something like a surprise party for a co-worker or someone you might not know very well, try to find out what their preferred tastes are through people you know. Planning a children’s party might be a bit hard as they can be picky eaters –so it is also important to select sweet items that look appealing too. Try to visit shops specialized for cakes or bakeries that have been recommended to you through a trusted bakery or someone who has had a good experience with a specific place too.

Is There A Theme or Hoilday?
You can narrow down your options when following a theme – where the flavours or colours can at least be coordinated with something. Look up dessert ideas online to get good ideas on before visiting restaurants or preparing anything. If there is a holiday or festival to be celebrated, it would make things more interesting if you select something that reflects the holiday spirit. For example – during Christmas or Halloween specially decorated cookies would suit the occasion, or select the best mooncake in Singapore during the Mid-Autumn festival season if you are celebrating.

Mix and Match For A Better Effect
You can try cheating a little by making one of your very own desserts and buying one from outside if you are having a large crowd – and make it look as though there is a variety. It would also add a nice homemade touch if it is an informal gathering. However, if you wish to try something different don’t hesitate to do so.