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Though a good many of us would love to gorge on salads all day if it was humanly possible like the kardashian girls do on their famous show, in reality our lives are much more stressful which means we need a greasy cheeseburger to lift up our moods. Admittedly, salad-snacking is a feat for the tough, however in recent times there has been a heightened call for healthy living, which in turn means it is time we buckled up and took things seriously. Of course this does not mean you should give up all meats and sweets in a day (which we anyway do not think you could even if your life depended on it), but it does mean making a gradual change. These tips should help you get to a healthier lifestyle, which will also be easier to maintain as time goes on since you are giving your body time to get used to it.

Reduce time in the junk food aisleAn important thing to remember is that healthy living does not mean you should give up junk foods completely. On the contrary, you should schedule cheat days. But what this means to say is that the time you spend lingering in the junk food aisle at the grocery store would be spent in the fresh foods aisle instead. A useful trick is to start your way from the outer borders of any supermarket then work your way in. And where possible, get healthier low fat noodles for instance.

Explore recipesThere are a ton of mind-boggling recipes out there that can make healthy eating a breeze and utterly delicious. You just need to have some time and dedication backing you up. If you like to cook, that is your extra bonus. In fact, some of these recipes make you forget that they were healthy in the first place; that is how good they are. So go on and dig up both savoury and sweet recipes, and try serving your family a few without letting them know. See if they spot the difference!

Plan your weekly mealsMight be easier said than done, but it would take up probably maximum half-an-hour of your time on the weekend. Planning your meals for the week well in advance not only takes the headache of figuring out what to cook all the time, but it also helps you create a targeted shopping list. You know exactly what you want to buy, and how much of it, so you reduce waste too. The next week you can come up with a whole new meal plan for variety, keeping things interesting. Maybe it includes instant noodles suitable for vegans UK or rice dishes, what matters is that you know which meals are for what days.

Portion your snacksWe must re-iterate that snacking is not the problem, the way we snack is the problem. In other words, if you are the sort of person who cannot put a pack of chips or biscuits away until the whole thing is done, you need to reel things in a little. Portion controlling might be helpful for you. Instead of lugging the entire bag of chips with you, why not put some into a bowl and stick to just that? Remember though that for this to work, you must stick to it. You are going to need a whole lot of willpower, but it will be worth it!