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Reading should be made an important part of our lives. It is true that we all have busy schedules and sometimes we don’t even have time to sit down and have a proper meal with our families. But, it is important to make time to read once in a while. If you have a child it is your duty to help him or her read and cultivate an interest and a thirst for reading in them. It is always good to start at a young age since these good habits go a long way with them in their lives. Even if this may not seem like a significant thing, offering to help and teach your child to read a book can make a huge difference in their lives and have a positive impact on them. There are a few things that you can do to get your little one to start reading and be interested in what he or she is doing.

Books that are attractive

First of all, it is important for you to make the process of reading more interesting to them. Usually, little ones like colours and pictures. Therefore, make sure to choose books with a lot of colourful pictures and short stories when starting. It is always good to start with something simple and small. It will be easier to finish a small book rather than a big one and it will make the child happy. Also try to buy a lot of books as you go on because reading the same book will tend to make the child boring and he or she may be distracted easily. Reading can be good to enhance writing skills as well. There are creative writing children in Singapore oriented programs which are very helpful.

Read to them and with them

Start at a young age. First of all, you can simply start by reading the story to them. Make sure to guide them through the story and show them how the pictures are interlinked. If they don’t know a word teach them the meaning and how to properly pronounce them. If they are old enough you can even send them to phonics classes. The correct institution will help them with pronunciation and speech. Once they are confident enough to read you can simply encourage them by listening to them.

Activities help

There are different reading activities and exercises. There are even games which can be done as a family and these will be more effective since kids like games and things that involve other people rather than doing things alone.

It is essential that you teach your kids the habit of reading since they will benefit a lot from that habit as they go on in their lives.