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A mother’s work is never done and in many ways this is a thousand times harder for working mothers who have to balance going out for work five days a work with all the other household chores and child care. One of the difficult aspects for many working mother would be the daily meal planning and preparation. Thus, the following article explores some tips that mother should follow in order to streamline the process.

Create a List of Meal Ideas

This should be the first step as it would help you do both your grocery shopping seamlessly and also prepare a repertoire of ideas to refer back to in a moment’s notice. While some mother’s may already have a list of tried and tested recipes other may not be so lucky. Therefore, these individuals will have to prepare themselves to peruse the some recipe books, meal prep sites or the novice cooks can even opt to take some cookery classes in order to expand your boundaries. However, when complying this list there are several crucial factors that one should keep on the forefront of their mind such as the simplicity of the meal, time taken to prepare it, healthy factor and also the children’s likeness to the meal.  Once, these lists is finalized one can then begin to assign different meals for each week however, it is advisable to possess a spare recipe or two in case things go wrong.

Grocery Shopping

Once the list is created one can only then begin this excursion in order to spend both time and money. Therefore, when purchasing the ingredients one should opt to purchase ingredients that can be prepared in a shorter span of time. For instance if they wish to purchase noodles one can opt for instant noodles in India as it can be cooked in a few minutes as opposed to the ordinary type.

Prepare Meals in Advance

After a tiring day at work coming home to check the children’s homework, break out fights between siblings and manage tantrums, the action of cooking an entire meal may be the last thought on your mind. Therefore, one can opt to clean and chop all the ingredients that one may need to cook during the weekend. Furthermore, one can also prepare extra food which one they can use at the end of the week on ‘Leftover Thursday’. Moreover, for instance if one is preparing wholegrain instant noodles they can make extra in order to send some for their and children’s lunch the next day. Additionally, if the children are old one can also get their children to pitch it by asking them to prepare one meal for the entire family one day per week. Apart from teaching your child basic survival skills it would also impart knowledge on handling cooking utensils, time management and planning ahead. If you are interested about wholegrain instant noodles you can visit this website http://www.kokanoodles.com/in/our-family/koka-delight.

It is not easy working full time and being a full time mother therefore with the help of the aforementioned article one can attempt to streamline this process more.